Faux Shirt dress

June 25, 2015

As I near the end of my very first style challenge, I can say the entire experience as a whole has been amazing. Not only was I able to step outside my comfort zone, but it introduced me to so many lovely ladies that participate in these types of challenges all the time. Linking up with my dear friend Mica , who got me into these style challenges in the first place.

Today's prompt was "Shirt dress." Now technically mine isn't a real shirt dress, but it was the closest thing I had without going out and buying for the day, which I tried to be against unless I absolutely had to.

Don't you just love rain? 

Life is better in loafers. 

Dress: Apt.9   . Cardigan: Charter Club. 
Tights: Merona. Shoes: Merona. 

Why buy? 
I purchased this dress a while ago solely on it's color. Greens compliment my skin tone and red hair. When I realized it was zipper-less with pockets, it was a no brainer that I needed this in my dress collection.

How I styled,
I wanted to be pretty basic and pair it with my favorite grey cardigan. I wear this one constantly and should probably purchase a back up. It's the perfect cut, color, and style for pairing with just about anything. I wasn't thrilled with my shoe pick, but I'm sure everyone is sick of my nude flats so I figured I'd change it up for a day. (;

Future plans, 
Honestly this is the only way I've ever worn this dress since it's purchase. Same cardigan, same loafers. I'm totally in a rut. Ideas are more than welcome!

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