June 10, 2015

It's Day 3 of the June Dress Week 1 style challenge (first seen here) and I have to say, I'm having more fun than I expected. Not only is it challenging me to use my wardrobe in a new and exciting ways, but it's connected me with so many other lovely ladies doing just that. Linking up with the lovely Mica , who inspired me to participate in my very first (and certainly not last) style challenge.

Today's prompt is "Fan Favorite," and at first I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to take with it. I think I have multiple favorites when it comes to my dress collection. One of which I shared on Monday's post. Instead of trying to pick my favorite dress I decided to pick a super versatile, trendy piece that works at the office or on the weekends .

Dress: Forever 21. Cardigan: New York & Company
Shoes: Wanted. Tights: Merona
Accessories: Engagement ring, pearls, Necklace, Target (Old)

Why buy?
I purchased this dress because of it's insane 70% off price. It fit me quite well, though at the time, I was unsure of all the different ways I would wear it. The print is abstract, perhaps flowers or paint splatters, but still very on trend since patterns are popping up everywhere. Most of my dresses are some sort of pattern and honestly, I like it that way. With so many colors to chose, you can really create a new look every time you wear it.

About to be blown away in this intense wind! 

How I styled it,
As another sleeveless summer dress in my collection, I knew a nice cardigan would be the simplest way to complete the look. I'm sort of obsessed with everything nude, tan, and all those light neutrals that are oh so trendy right now. They honestly go with everything. From the darkest shades to the most pastel, this is a cardigan that does it all. Not to mention it's the softest dang thing in my closet. Sorry not sorry about the shoe repeat . They are so comfortable and the perfect nude. You'll probably see lots more of them in the coming weeks.

Future plans,
I'd say this dress is far from it's full potential when it comes to styling. A jean jacket would look killer and since it's so short in length. I may even play around with leggings come fall. Perhaps even finding an orange or green cardigan to play up the print as well. Over all, I am very happy with this purchase.

Maybe I'll hide from the wind in my car? 

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