DIY Practical Baby Shower Gift

June 15, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that two weekends ago we celebrated a new life coming our way. A friend of ours is having a baby girl early to mid July and we couldn't be more excited to FINALLY have another parent friend. Really, she will be the first of all our friends to become a parent. Hence why we don't get out much.

Since having Pen, I get overly excited when it comes to baby showers. I may have gone a bit over board with my nephew, and this time around I wanted to gift something practical, while using Joshua and I's experience as parents behind the gift. If you're attending a baby shower soon, this post may be extremely useful. 

Going through it once really gives you an upper hand. Everyone jumps at the cute, tiny outfits and can forget there is SO much more that goes into preparing for the little one's arrival. If you are going to a shower soon, skip the clothes, for now. After you talk to the mommy to be and find what sizes and seasons she did not receive, then it's ok to go clothes shopping. For the initial gift, take a practical approach. 

Luvs Diapers  - I have a post coming up really soon on what I like to call, "The Diaper Theory." Expect to see it very soon. For us, Luvs were the only diaper that did not leak during those baby blow outs. Now that Pen is older, using the potty and has less blow outs, we switched to the generic Up & Up Target brand diapers. In our opinion, Luvs are a must try for newborns. 

Hangers - At first it seemed like we always needed hangers as new parents. A lot of clothing comes on those fancy shmancy double hooked hangers with the attachment for pants. Personally, I hated using those. I thought they took up a lot of room and I like to fold all of her pants separately in a drawer. Hangers are a perfect, and cheap addition to any baby shower gift. 

Wash Cloths - When I saw this little star fish scrubbie and wash cloth set on her Target baby registry, I couldn't resist. She did receive two of them at the shower, but you will use wash cloths more than you can imagine, and the scrubbie will need to be replaced after so many uses. 

Baby Einsteins Sea Dreams Crib Music Player  - Since we pretty much owe our sleep and sanity to this thing, it totally made sense to gift one as well! I've raved and raved on here about how much Pen loves this thing, and just for the sake of staying uniform, here I go again. 

Sophie the Giraffe Book  - Or any book for that matter, but linked is the one we chose. A huge part of our own shower was that everyone brought a book instead of a card and wrote Penny little messages. To this day, those little messages put a smile on my face. Joshua and I wrote little Baby B a special message of our own! 

Something Personalized  - I was told by the mother to be that this bib I had made "stole the show." Parents love something with their child's name on it. The blanket Penny sleeps with every night has her name, date of birth, birth weight and birth time on it. Even when it disintegrates to nothing I'll keep it. 
Linked above is the Etsy shop where this custom bib came from. It's my cousins shop, and where I purchased the bib pictured above as well as many others for friends and family alike. There's something for just about any age and she will custom make anything to your liking. 

A laundry basket  - I swear this is the most over looked baby essential. I mean why would you think about a laundry basket when you have all those little dresses and overalls in your face? A laundry basket is something we did not receive at our own shower so I knew it was something I wanted to include in our gift. To make it prettier, and eliminate the need for a costly baby shower bag, I bought a spool of purple ribbon and wove it around the basket. Practical, easier to open, and easier for her to take home. 

We had such a lovely time at Baby B's baby shower. (Say that three times fast). Not only are we excited for Pen to have another play mate, but we are excited to strengthen our friendship with her mom and bond in the years to come. 

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