Dear Dad,

June 19, 2015

Dear Dad,
          For as long as I can remember you've been the epitome of a father. Showing up to watch us perform at half time under the glow of the stadium lights, suffering through the many years of parades, we owe you a lot. As an adult, I know you and mom have made more sacrifices than maybe you guys even realize. For that, I applaud the both of you. 

          In a world where marriage is turning to a mockery, you've stuck by my mom through the toughest of times. All the while with a genuine love for each other. Together you've been through a lot, but alone, the outcomes may not have been as successful. There are so many kids that don't grow up with both parents in their life. I truly am the lucky one.

          A day will come very soon when you give me away. When you trust another man to take care of me. I want you to know dad, that he will never replace you. There will always be that bond we share. You were young when you became a father. In fact most eighteen year olds can't handle the obstacles of parenting. It's hard, I can't say I fully blame them, but you have proved with love, and a family pushing for you to succeed that it is possible. I think that aspect of you has transferred into being a grandparent. Thank you for being the example, for showing me what it means to have a father in a world where so many don't.

"Some people don't believe in super heroes, but they haven't met my dad."

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