Weekending: Zoo Addition

May 04, 2015

Cool mornings and brisk nights are sure signs that Spring is still very much in effect, though yesterday, we were blessed with a sneak peek of Summer time. With the high being 78 it was the perfect time to venture up to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.

As an all my life Ohioan, I've been to this particular zoo quite a few times. At one point, it was my dream to work there. I've been an animal enthusiast since I could remember, and raising Penelope to love animals has been my goal from day one. With two other great zoos within driving range, I have a feeling there will be many more Zoo-ventures on the blog is Summer.

We began our Zoo adventure with the African Elephant exhibit. If you don't know by now, I have a huge place in my heart for these giants. If I had it my way, I'd watch them for hours.

No trip to the zoo would be complete without the proper zoo attire. Penny wore a Jumping Beans  (ON SALE)  peplum tee with a toucan on it, Circo shorts , pink Carter's socks, and her baby K-Swiss.

While visiting the Australian inspired portion of the zoo, Penny saw kangaroos, wallaby, and dingo. As we were walking through, I couldn't help but think about two of my great blogger friends from Australia, Mica and Amber

Speaking of Amber, from Sweet Words Pretty Pictures , I really owe her for all the wonderful photography tip posts she's done lately. Her post on how to take photographs of animals , has tremendously changed the way I go about photographing animals. Out of all the zoo animal snap shots, this Cockatoo was by far my best. I still have loads of practice to catch up with Amber's flawless photos, but I do notice a change in my own skill level. Thanks girl!

 I think Penny enjoyed the petting zoo the most. Clearly something as interactive as a petting zoo is probably super cool if you're one. She was fearless, walking up to the goats, being extremely gentle with them. Joshua and I are extremely proud that we've raised her to be so respectful to animals.

Of course no trip to the zoo would be complete without posing your child on every animal statue the park has to offer. Maybe not everyone does this, but in my family, this has always been a thing.

Following the 5 mile trot through the Cleveland Metroparks zoo, we dropped by the gift shop for some over priced, yet seemingly adorable stuffed animals. Out of all the animals we saw yesterday, she grabbed the one the zoo does not currently house, the zebra. After a failed attempt to coax her into picking something else, said zebra came home with us. It was a blessing spending the day enjoying the sunshine with family.

Let's talk,
Have you been to the zoo yet this season?
Do you plan to go this Summer? 

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