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May 15, 2015

Remember when I said I wasn't doing fashion posts anymore? I think I said something along the lines of I can't dress myself and I feel weird associating myself with the word "fashionable." I'm a mom. I like mom jeans, flowy tops, baggy cardigans, dresses that hide my flabby stomach. I'd say my "post baby stomach," but let's be real, she's one and I can't blame her for my own laziness forever. Maybe I don't fit into the fashion world 100%, but I do fit into the world of budget friendly mom fashion and I've been loving a few of my finds lately. So, here goes nothing.

Mica, over at Away from the Blue, really inspires me when it comes to making things work in my wardrobe. On multiple occasions I've stood at my closet with a What would Mica Wear mentality and created a new outfit I've owned for months but never had the courage to put together. She's also shown me that it's ok to not love an outfit you put together, but you really never know until you try.

Penny waving

In all honestly today's jeans are a new purchase, but printed denim is my weakness! I only own one or two pairs lacking in the print department. As fun as they are, they can be a little irritating to try and pair with other things. I'm a huge fan of printed tops, but when it comes to basics, my closest's a bit lacking. Prints against more prints just don't work. Little by little I've been adding basics, but for now it's pretty slim pickins.

Cardigan: LOFT. Tee: LC Lauren Conrad (old). Jeans: Mossimo. Shoes: Faded Glory
Accessories: Vintage Pearls, Engagement ring

Fridays are especially fun when it comes to dressing for the office. After stuffing myself into panty hose and trousers all week long, it's nice to come to work in relaxed fit jeans and a pair of sneakers. I've loved Keds for as long as I remember, but the imitations work just as well. Especially if you just want a nice pop of color. I found these coral eyelet sneakers at Walmart of all places! For just $9, I say they are well worth the look. I have my eye on every color, just waiting for them to stock back up in my size.

ignore that dreadful tattoo


 It's the perfect time to finally break out  those Spring dresses I've been binge buying for Pen. A complete surprise to me, was Walmart's Healthtex line.

Some watermelon remnants on her dress

The name of the line couldn't be more awkward or unattractive sounding if it tried. It makes me think of some fancy diet milkshake or something. Regardless, there's a few super cute pieces offered by this line, they aren't the best quality, Target and Kohls have far nicer lines with equally great prices, but hitting an average $5 mark, these make excellent play clothes. Or what I like to call, "whatever clothes." Whatever if they get ruined after one wear. 

Dress: Healthtex , Sandals: Healthtex (not pictured, but she wore that them today).
Bow: Local Boutique

I hope everyone has a lovely and safe weekend! 
Remember to be kind! 

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