My First Style Challenge

May 29, 2015

Since "meeting" Mica, over at Away From the Blue, in this little hub of the internet called Blog-Land, I've always had such admiration for the style challenges she participates in. Whether it's learning how to use pieces in her wardrobe to the best of her ability, or simply just having fun. Mica knows a thing or two about style challenges. I was so excited when she included me in next month's style challenge I began planning almost immediately!

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What is a style challenge? 

    A style challenge is simply a fun and inventive way to force yourself into a creative relationship with your clothes. For instance, things don't always have to work. Style challenges aren't about what's trendy, they are about stepping out of your comfort zone and realizing possibility.  Again, something I've always admired in Mica.

    During the month of June I will be participating, along with Mica, and many other fabulous ladies over on Instagram, in June Dress Week 1 & 2. This will be my very first style challenge and I'm so excited to share my journey with my readers. I hope some of you participate as well! The theme, dresses!

June 8th - 12th #junedressweek1

Monday, June 8th: Maxi Monday

Tuesday, June 9th: A Great Deal

Wednesday, June 10th: Fan Favorite

Thursday, June 11th: Boho Beauty 

Friday, June 12th: Nautical Nods

June 22nd- 26th #junedressweek2

Monday, June 22nd: Oldie but Fave

Tuesday, June 23rd: Chambray

Wednesday. June 24th: Take me Away

Thursday, June 25th: Shirt dresses & Wrap Dresses

Friday, June 26th: Floral Friday

Let's Chat:
Will you be participating in June Dress Week 1 & 2? 
Have you ever done a style challenge before? 

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