Local Eats: Baja Pizzafish

May 13, 2015

Maybe your stomach has turned from the mere title of this post. Perhaps you, like many others, will be turned off by it's name, never to venture through it's doors for fears of aroma horror. Well my friends, when in the Pro Football Hall of Fame town, do stop by Baja Pizza Fish , and here's a few reasons why.

The atmosphere is relaxed, and every kind of Midwesterner or east coast dwellers idea of California. I've never been, so I can't give a full this is what So-Cal looks like, but this is what I'd imagine it to look like, vibrant hues and all. The "Pizzafish" aspect doesn't cause a strange lingering smell. In fact, if you aren't a fan of fish, I can guarantee this place doesn't smell fishy, and they have a huge selection of menu items that have nothing to do with fish.

Monday night is $5 pizza night, though that didn't stop us from checking out a few new menu items as well. Penny and I shared a basil pesto pizza with chicken, potato, and Gouda. It was the first time I'd tried that particular combo and I was very pleased!

When ordering I noticed a new menu item, a specialty guacamole made to order. I believe they came in about 5 different flavors. Keeping with the Gouda theme, (favorite cheese ever!) we tried the bacon and smoked Gouda guacamole. You can actually watch them cut, mash and toss in all the flavors to your order. It was delicious and definitely something I'll be ordering every time. $4

Mimicking the famous Chipotle burrito bowl, Baja Pizza Fish has their own version, with infinite add on options. They also have full size and half portions. Typically I get tacos, but my sister ordered a bowl the last time we went and I knew I wanted to try it. To my surprise this was their "halfsie" portion. yikes! In comparison, I'd say their "halfsie" is close to your average Chipotle burrito bowl. Lucky for me, I ate a few bites and had massive leftovers.

On my Baja Pizza Fish halfsie bowl: Cilantro brown rice, grilled Maui Maui, vegetarian black beans, cabbage, mango salsa, cheese and sour cream, $4.50

Canton may be known for quite a few bad things, but now a days, what city isn't? Clearly there are parts I'd never venture into, but surprisingly enough, Canton is a very visited town by Football fans and players alike. It's hard to get mixed up in the chain restaurants on every corner, but we do our very best to eat local and eat fresh. Baja Pizzafish offers both, making us leave happy every time. So my friends, if you're a football fan, married to one, or know one, and you plan on visiting this city, drop by Baja Pizzafish and see what this little So-Cal place is all about!

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