Life in April

May 01, 2015

If you're a regular visitor or contributor to the blog community, then you've seen dozens of bloggers from every genre do a monthly wrap up post. As a blog enthusiast, it's personally one of my favorite posts to read and until today I wondered why I'd never participated.

Reflection is good way to sum up what you liked and disliked about the previous month. Perhaps you made goals for yourself you brushed off or on the contrary, did something wonderful and you want to share your new found sense of pride. Or maybe you just purchased a new pair of shoes and you've worn them so much they've begun molding to your feet? Truth is, there's no wrong or right way to do one of these posts, and more people should participate. Without any further rambling, here is a look back at the month of April.

Favorite purchase.....

Forever 21 Rose Gold Sandals

Technically I think I purchased these in March, though they arrived the first week of April. It was one of those "Free Shipping this day only hurry before the entire website goes out of stock," type days and these had been hanging out in my cart with no desire to pay the shipping price. I snagged them up with lightening speed and haven't had a ton of opportunity to wear them. We've had a pretty chilly April. It even snowed once. Fingers crossed May is a different story.

Favorite drink.....

Lemon water! I'm really proud of my water drinking habits lately. I'm up to 80 oz. a day at least, and it's all thanks to my Tervis Tumbler . I seriously LOVE this thing. I toss it in my bag, sleep with it, it just doesn't leak. Plus it keeps my water really cold, because who likes lukewarm water? If you don't own any of the Tervis Tumbler products, you're seriously missing out!

Favorite beauty product.....

L'Oreal Infallible in 130 Enduring Berry

I'm sort of obsessed with all things L'Oreal at the moment. I find their products reign superior to other similarly priced drugstore items. Quality wise, everything I've ever tried from L'Oreal has been phenomenal. This shade is the perfect berry toned pink and since it's from their Infallible line, has outrageous staying power. Though it does transfer slightly.

Favorite song.....

Stitches- Shawn Mendes

Why yes I'm almost 25 years old and fan girling the heck out of this artist. By the way, no this song has no double meaning, my personal life is lovely, I just really like this song. (;

Favorite Baby purchase.....

Oshkosh is hands down one of my favorite places to shop for baby clothes. Since there isn't one close, I frequent their on line shop. I found this top, along with many others, for only $5!

Favorite photo.....

If you follow me on Instagram , you saw me post this photo of Penny and her cousin RJ a few weeks ago. The look on their faces melts my heart. Penny loves her cousin, this is the beginning of a very strong friendship.

Biggest accomplishment.....

I passed my notary exam this month and have become a registered Notary Public for the State of Ohio! It may not be a huge deal, but it was something I accomplished despite my fear of failure. Passing has brought about a new sense of confidence. 

Monthly inspiration.....

Regardless where you stand on the sour subject and acts of violence erupting in Baltimore, Maryland, this photo speaks louder than any protest could. People of all races, ages, and sex joined hands to form a human barrier around the men and women who serve their city. This photo brought tears to my eyes and hope to my soul.


I hope your month was just as lovely as ours. Today starts a new month, hopefully a nice month at that. Let's say peace out to that dreadful snow, and hello sandal season. I don't know about all of you, but I'm as ready as I'll ever be.
Remember as you go into a new month and even into the rest of this wonderful Friday to be kind to everyone. The world is over run by hate, be that person that makes a difference.

Smile at a stranger today! 

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