May 20, 2015

We all get to a point in life where we call ourselves "grown ups;" where we take the reins and start making our own life decisions. We go from someone else deciding what we eat, which clothes are clean. To binge eating Taco Bell and buying new clothes when we're too lazy to do laundry. We think we've got it. We think this will be a walk in the park, but again, those geniuses that raised us know better.

Chances are when you first left the nest you were a Ramen eating, tee shirt wearing, fool of a twenty year old. You probably ignored most every bit of advice given to you by those old folks, and went on your merry way. Only to find out there's a lame world full of bills and obligations waiting out there. And guess what, you have to start doing your own laundry.

At first this sudden sense of responsibility is a lot to take in. Some deal with it better than others, but we all have to experience growth to move forward.

From the moment we come into this world we start growing. Not only physically, but mentally. As small children we mimic, speak, and make new discoveries almost daily. We enter adolescence with little to no preparation, and grow into our emotions and bodies. In those short years we grow to know ourselves on a much deeper level and may even connect with others doing the same. What I've come to know, there's no shortage of growth.

Three months old, May 2014

As I watched Penelope play last weekend, all these thoughts ran through my mind. Thinking back to exactly a year ago I had an almost three month old. She couldn't do much on her own yet and had just really begun to smile. An entire year has passed since I had that tiny, cooing baby in my arms. An entire year she had to grown up.

At first it really got to me. Like everything else when it comes to her I got overly emotional. I was at war with myself, and it took too long to realize how ok growing up was. If I'd never grown up I'd still be living at home, playing with imaginary horses in my parents front yard like when I was ten. I'd probably live off of Ramen and expect my laundry to always be magically done. I'd probably be jobless, I probably wouldn't have Joshua.

Growing physically is important. You grow into your body, your bones, your skin. Yet growing from a mental stand point seems to be a greater accomplishment. Every day my love for Joshua grows, our relationship strengthens. Every day I grow to be more understanding of others, to sympathize with the world around me. Growth is such a phenomenal thing and without it, Penelope and I wouldn't have the bond we share today. The bond that will only get stronger with time.

Growing taught me to love someone other than myself, & Chad Michael Murray, because let's face it, everyone ten years ago was swoon over him. From the moment a child is born they begin to grow, that much is true, but also growing, the hearts of the parents that love them. There isn't a better reason to embrace it. ♥

Let's chat:
What are your ideas on the importance of growing up?
Where you scared to leave home for the first time?
Any mommies out there feel bittersweet how fast their child has grown up? 

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