Dear Mom,

May 11, 2015

Dear Mom,

                  I used to think your job was easy; something you just did because you had to. I failed to see the best part of parenting, the parts you wanted to do. You healed many bee stings, cuts, and kissed many boo-boos. You cured many colds, forced us to bathe, and lathered us up in sun blocked all summer long. I used to think parenting was full of obligation, but you've taught me it's full of everything you've ever dreamed of; everything you've ever wanted.

                 Today I realize how much I've taken advantage of your generosity. How I never fully appreciated how much you cared when you yelled at me for failing a test or forcing me to put on more sunblock. #paleprobs  For pushing me until I was reduced to tears, only to thank you for being right in the end. Yes, you are and always will be right, about everything somehow.

                  Now that I'm a mom myself I can finally understand some of what you went through. Of course I have so much more to learn as my family and understanding grows, but for the first time I understand, mom. I understand that putting others first is a part of life, that some things just become meaningless. That there are some things in this world so trivial. That bubbles at bath time are worth that ten minutes you'll miss asleep. That caring and nagging are the exact same thing. Thank you mom for keeping me happy and healthy, for forming me into the mother I am today. I could say thank you a million times and I'd never be enough to give you all you deserve. May you continue to give me the very best of advice, may you continue to nag, and be my very best friend. I love you mom, here's to many more Mother's Days together. ♥

"All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my Angel Mother." 
-A. Lincoln

Let's chat,
How was your Mother's Day weekend? 
Did you enjoy the lovely weather?
If you could tell your mom anything in a letter, what would it be?

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