The BEST clothing brands for parents on a budget

April 02, 2015

I cannot tell you how many times I buy a shirt for Penny, she wears it once, and suddenly it's covered in some mystery stain no amount elbow grease will get out. It's reality and I'm a true believer that you can NEVER have too many baby clothes.

Now I love Carter's, Gymboree, and OshKosh. This post is in no way me belittling their companies, because when on sale, I do snag these brands. But without coupon codes, sales, and being $$$ loaded, these aren't practical for the child that loves to ruin their clothes.

What do I do about this without sacrificing quality? After all, buying cheaper doesn't always mean buying things that will last. Humongous mystery stains are one thing, but if the clothing starts to fall apart after one wash, you've lost more money than just shelling out $20 tee shirt built to last. Make sense? You can be cheap without sacrificing quality. It's taken me a good year of experimenting with brands, but I definitely have three favorites I swear by.

Circo hooded sweatshirt select sizes still available

Circo for Target  - Target, Target, Target. Seriously where would I be without this super store of awesome? It's no secret our family has a love for Target. We might as well be their poster family. When it comes to great quality tees, jeans, and skirts, I look no farther than Circo. With items from $4.50-$15, I don't even care how many end up with mystery stains! Plus their vibrant colors, and true to size fits keep me wanting more. I cannot recommend them more for the parent who is constantly having to buy clothes for their infant or toddler. Whether it's due to mystery stains, or simply growing like a weed, Circo will NOT disappoint.

Oh, and they carry bed, bath, and decor. All at fabulous prices! What's not to love? 

Cherokee coat (last year's collection)

Cherokee for Target - Another tried and true favorite of ours is also available at Target. When it comes to tees, shorts, and excellent coats for every season, I always look toward Cherokee. Ranging between $7-$30 there's something for just about anyone. Unlike Circo products, Cherokee runs as big as 6X! 

crib sheet- Circo (still available)
hooded zip up, tee shirt, & leggings from Jumping Beans

Jumping Beans for Kohls  -I have raved and raved about this line since before Penny was born! The colors, the quality, there's nothing bad I can say. Recently I discovered Jumping Beans is actually owned by Disney, making the quality even more exceptional in my eyes. With mix and match separates starting at just $5.99, they have been a staple in Penny's closet. Plus those vibrant colors you see are much more vibrant in person and wash just the same. 

I am no way affiliated with any of the companies mentioned. I just have a serious baby clothes addiction. Which has only escalated since the birth of my nephew. These brands are always in Penny's closet and I swear by them! If you are expecting, attending a baby shower, or perhaps an aunt or uncle, check out these brands and spoil your little ones without breaking the bank! 

What are your favorite baby brands?
Are you a mom? Aunt? Grandma? -Would you try these brands out?
Name your favorite Target exclusive brand! 

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