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April 27, 2015

Pre-parenthood, I was that obnoxious girl who changed the color of her nails almost daily. I'm sort of a freak about flaws. Any chip, crack, or bubble. Clearly those days of possessing such time are far gone. The struggle to find a long lasting, top coat that isn't outlawed in the state of California ensued.

There are so many great products out there, both high end and drugstore. When it comes to nail products, I don't mind meeting in the middle. I love butter LONDON's Hardwear P.D. Quick top coat , but it's $19 price tag doesn't sit well with everyone. It's worth the splurge in my opinion, but there is another product I hold pretty close in terms of quality, less than half the price.

After 5 days of wear. 
Suggested by Stephanie Eva

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel polish and Miracle Gel top coat, retail for about $8 USD each. Fairly cheap in my opinion, and a little less than the ever popular OPI and Essie brands. For me, these polishes provide decent, long-wear I typically don't see from my other tried and true favorites. Though the results are iffy among consumers.

Product Consumer Complaints:  

With almost every product out there comes a group of people who love it and another that hate it. Our world is run by the consumer market, and most people aren't willing to give something a second try. After playing around with this particular brand in multiple colors, I can see where some people may be going wrong. 

Chips after one day: Did you know like your skin, your nail health dramatically changes with your diet? This also pertains to an individuals water intake. If you are having issues with chippy nail polish, perhaps it's your actual nail that's the problem. Always be sure to work with clean, healthy filed nails.

Streaky colors: I have found that these colors aren't flawless in terms of opacity. However with a bit of patience, these colors can be built into the most beautiful shades. If you are experiencing this, try using more or less of the product at a time, and experiment with how many coats you are applying. 

Color confusion: If you are one of the many who were confused by the top coat, or mistook the black shade for the top coat, you aren't alone. The company didn't do the best job providing displays for the Miracle Gel line. Another mishap, the top coat to polish ratio being sold at stores, leads to lots of "out of stock," signs for the top coat.

I truly believe this polish works fantastic on me due to the overall health of my nails. If you have had issues with this particular brand and it's collecting dust in the back of your makeup drawer, take this advice and try again. After all, makeup only looks as good as the skin you have to put it on. The same goes for your nails. Personally I eat fairly healthy. I also drink over 80 oz. of water a day and moisturize whenever I can. Always make sure whats under neath looks as good as whats on top. Beauty products shouldn't be used to hide or cover, only to enhance. ♥

This review was my honest opinion. All items have been purchased by me. As all product reviews, I give myself a month at least to try them out before reviewing. 

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