Lazy Cabbage Casserole

April 29, 2015

Lazy is my middle name sometimes. There, I said it. Especially when it comes to the evening hours and all I want to do is plop my butt on the floor and read a thousand books with my daughter. Hovering over the hot stove trying to create something that isn't mac and cheese takes a lot out of me.

Sometimes we associate lazy meals with the good old drive thru. That cheeseburger and fries may seem like the easy way to a quick meal, but the crap you are shoving into your body just isn't worth it. You can be lazy from the comfort of your own kitchen without all the grease and grime of a fast food joint. *Not trying to create the illusion we don't eat fast food. Taco Bell is the shizz. 

Lazy Cabbage Casserole (feeds 4)
1/2 Lg Green Cabbage
1 lb. Ground Turkey 
1/2 cup almond milk
2 spoonfuls Greek yogurt
1 cup cooked rice
Worcestershire sauce, honey
salt, pepper, spicy seasoning, ours is called "Soul food"
Instructions: Begin by browning the ground turkey, or what ever type of meat you'd like to use, off to the side. Season as you like. We love spice, and I wanted to make this more of a Mexican inspired flavor because I know Joshua really enjoys it. 

Kiki's cooking tips: If you'd like to add some new found flavor to your taco meat, whether you're having tacos, trying this recipe, etc, try adding a bit of honey to your meat. The sweetness of the honey adds such a bold flavor to the spice of the seasoned meat. Start out with a small amount, and taste test until it's to your liking. You wont be disappointed! 

chop chop

While the meat is at a simmer, chop up the cabbage to your liking. The particular head of cabbage I purchased was too big to use the entire thing. To feed the three of us and have some left overs, I only used half.

On another burner, cook 1 cup of minute rice per package directions. This is just going to give the casserole more of a fill and create a different texture. If you aren't rice people, a whole wheat pasta would work just as great.

In a mixing bowl, combine cabbage, meat, almond milk, rice, Worcestershire sauce and spices. Give it a good old stir and you may want to do a taste test. 

Place mixture in a baking pan, and on 350 for a half hour. 


In the time it will take to throw a load of laundry in, take the trash out, and read a Dr. Seuss Book, you'll have one smashing dinner to devour. This is picky fiance approved and the baby couldn't get it into her mouth fast enough. With all the bang of a time consuming cabbage roll and more than enough flavor to go around, you'll want to add this to your dinner rotation pronto! 

Cabbage has a multitude of health benefits. From the vitamin C to the antioxidants, it's pretty much a super food. This recipe can be taken so many different ways and I'd love to hear how you adapted it to your family's liking. 

See where I got my inspiration from, here

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