GOODness it's Friday

April 03, 2015

Good Friday that is. Chances are your weekend will be full of family get togethers, church, and lots of egg hunts. With a giant family, we had to start the holiday out a little early. These photos were taken last Sunday, when we celebrated Easter with some family.

Hopefully Joshua isn't too bitter when he finds out I included him in today's outfit post. (;

on me:

Boyfriend Cardigan: Mossimo. Tank: Old Navy. Jeans: Merona.
Socks: Xhilaration. (I know you can't see them, but they have pretzels and they are precious)
Herringbone sneakers: Mossimo 

on him:

Button Up: Merona. Jeans: Hydraulic
Sneakers: Sonoma 

If you were ever curious what 25 year old parents look like on Sundays, well this is it. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but nice enough to leave the house looking human. We like to keep it casual on the weekends. A simple button up for him and a super soft boyfriend cardigan for me.The weather was cooler than we hoped, but when you're an Ohioan, as long as it isn't snowing it feels like Summer time. 

Miss Penny had a pretty fabulous time hunting eggs last Sunday. I think she was more excited about how much we cheered each time she picked up an egg, but it was exciting none the less. Last year on Easter Penny was almost 2 months old. It's amazing to see how different this year was. 

April 2014

A year ago we had a little grumpy baby. No really, I swear she looks like grumpy cat in this photo. Isn't crazy how much she's changed? 

March 2015

Cardigan: Cherokee
Dress: Just One You by Carter's  (still available! Now buy one get on 50% off!)
Shoes: Keds, Headband: Cherokee

I hope each and every one of you have a safe and fabulous Easter weekend! <3
What are your Easter weekend plans?

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