Changes Ahead

April 07, 2015

In the year + I've been blogging, I've always been very routine. So much so I started to feel pressured into writing for my readers and less for myself. I pride myself in staying true to who I am and how I really feel. Truth is, I'm ready for some changes.

I think I've always known this blog would eventually be focused as a family lifestyle blog. After all, it sprouted as I prepared for baby, why shouldn't it continue and focus on my journey? I think for the longest time I feared taking this blog in that particular direction because so many of my readers were fashion and lifestyle bloggers. A part of me feared I'd disconnect with so many I'd come to consider friends.

This is a decision a long time in the making. To take my blog and slowly steer it towards all things family and motherhood oriented. I've reached a point in my life where I've accepted the fact that this will mean losing  followers, losing touch with people that will no longer have anything in common with me. But that's ok, and I'm finally ready to make that jump.

So what can you expect in the upcoming weeks? 


Expect these posts to increase tremendously. For the longest time I limited myself to one day a week and I now know that's not me. I am a mom and it's the best part of me. There will be more on my journey including the changes I notice in my own life/ body, plus all the fun and exciting adventures of living with a one year old. 

Food/ Meal posts: 

For all you here just for the food, don't worry. That's definitely here to stay! I'm no chef, but I LOVE to cook and get excellent feedback when I do so. This part of According to Kiki will remain the same, but appear more or less depending on the week.

A Wednesday post?! :

I've been known to neglect this day of the week and use it to catch up with all my fellow bloggers and jot down a few thoughts of my own. I can now say Wednesday wont be entirely off limits. Especially with my best friend's and my own weddings coming up.

Thrifty Thursday: 

I'm a total penny pincher at heart and love snagging things for ridiculously discounted prices. This may not be as frequent of a post, since we are really trying to downsize our closets and well, our "junk" because moving is (fingers crossed) in our near future.


I am NO fashionista. If something looks cute on me it's because I copied it from a friend who's a fashion blogger, or was inspired by a color  scheme on Pinterest. I dress how I like to dress and it's not necessarily what's on tread. This is probably the biggest change of all because I am virtually eliminating posts centered around fashion all together. You'll still see some snip-its of my wardrobe, but it a different way. I hope you sick around and see!

the reason I started blogging 

As a blogger, I realize the risks changing things up can have. But honestly I am so sick of the "Great post, nice job, love this," comments I receive on a daily basis. I'm hoping as I start to write for myself again rather than what's "in" these people will start to fade away. I can't wait to begin this new blogging journey and hope it's just what I need to get out of this routine rut. Thank you for being a part of According to Kiki and for the kindness you continue to provide each and every day. I am truly blessed to have met some amazing women through blogging.

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