5 ways to become a better parent

April 23, 2015

Though I haven't been in the parenting game very long, I feel as if I've experienced enough to share some perspective. I've been around children my entire life. Growing up with a large family has some great perks and really formed me into the mother I am today.

First off, being a parent is hard. Not only as an individual but as a team. Clearly single moms and dads have a billion different struggles I couldn't begin to imagine. This post is based on my experiences and my life.

1. Plan ahead.....Planning ahead has been one of the most successful parts of parenting. Diapers on super sale but you just purchased a box a few days ago? For heavens sake take advantage of that sale! Find a dress at Old Navy for 0.97 for a size she will wear the following summer, buy that dress! I've found when it comes to babies, planning ahead is always a great way to keep your mind at ease.

2. Solid Partnership..... Again, my heart hurts for parents who go at this alone. However partnership doesn't always have to come in the form of a spouse or significant other. Perhaps you have a best friend who's helping you, or a sibling. Chances are, there's always someone willing to lend the helping hand. Finding that solid partnership makes all the difference. Joshua and I make the best team, and I'm very grateful to have a man who loves changing diapers and getting puked on.

3. Room to grow..... I'm pretty stubborn. I rarely take advice to heart, or if I do I never admit it. I hate being wrong, I hate second guessing myself. When I became a parent, this was something I really had to work on. It's ok to take advice, it's ok to be wrong, and most of all it's ok to make mistakes. Parenting is one big trial and error experiment. So take those annoying things your grandparents and parents tell you to heart. They may just be the best pieces of advice you ever hear. After all, they did raise you.

4. An open heart..... Hundreds of thousands of people become parents every day. Always remember no matter how stressful a day can be, another family is fighting a far worse battle. Be thankful, be humble, and most of all don't forget to help when you see others in real need.

5. Play games..... It's ok to be silly. Your kid hates getting dressed? Make a game out of it. Whether it's making up songs, putting food in funny shapes in order to get them to eat, or just dancing to the radio. Never be ashamed to be silly. I swear kids eliminate shyness. Get involved, play as many games as you can.

Remember I have only been a parent for a short time, and every single day is a learning experience. If you go into parenthood with an open mind and determination, you can and will succeed.

Chit chat:
What's a piece of advice you could give a fellow parent? 
How has parenting changed you as a person? 

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