Sweet Potato Pasta + Veggetti

March 03, 2015

Remember when I said we're obsessed with pasta? Remember how we're engaged now and need to stop eating so much pasta? If you're new to the blog, I pretty much just summed up an on-going issue in two measly sentences. Hello, we are Kiki and Joshua, and we have a pasta addiction.

A few weeks ago I was flipping through Family Fun (think it was that one) magazine that come free to where I work and being the frugal fly I am, I can't just toss them into the garbage like everyone else. I don't do much reading, more like flipping, scanning, you get it. On this particular "flip" I rediscovered a long lost idea/ pin of mine that I never mustered up the courage to try. Vegetable Pasta. 

I was excited, Joshua was scared. I rambled about how skinny it would make us. Blah blah blah. A little side note, Joshua went to a culinary school for two years and he's an awesome cook. Instantly he was like oh you just need a Veggetti. Ah, wha? Yes, sounds inappropriate and there have been many awkward office conversations due to the poor name this company decided was catchy. If you're lost, let me explain. 

A Veggetti is an as seen on TV do-hicky that turns vegetables into "noodles." Sounds fancy right? Wrong, if you live anywhere near a Walmart, Dollar General, Target, or Bed Bath and Beyond, you can score one of these for $14.99! Say what

When we first ventured into the world of Veggetti (notice I'm using this word as much as humanly possible) we chose zucchini as our victim. Unfortunately that was last weeks trial meal and Joshua so kindly prepared it before I got home from work since he gets off a bit earlier than I do. So no photos of such event. Don't worry though, there will be a recipe very soon with zucchini! 

Last night I chose to try another veggie favorite of ours, sweet potatoes. I'm going to start off by saying the zucchini was better. I think it's because it held more flavor being a water-rich veggie. To Joshua, the sweet potatoes were a little on the bland side. For me, it was totally fine. If you're really into bold flavor and interested in trying out the Veggetti, start with zucchini. Again, I loved both versions, and if you are a veggie lover, so will you!

Sweet Potato Pasta
2 sweet potatoes (makes enough for two people) 
A Veggetti tool 
Salt, Pepper 

^ I sort of felt silly listing the ingredients, but it's what I do. 


To my surprise using the Veggetti was very easy. I have the upper body strength of a squirrel so of course I was worried making the noodles would require a bit of muscle. There are two ends, one for thick noodles and one for thin. In the photo above I am using the thin side. It's as simple as sticking the sweet potato into the cone shape and twisting. I did two sweet potatoes in under 5 minutes.

There comes a point when you get down to the end of the sweet potato and can no longer hold it in place. For us, that's no big deal. I sliced up the remaining bits and put them in our tortoise's food dish. If you are interested in a small, docile and gentle pet, a Russian tortoise may be a great pet to think about. Not to mention, we literally have zero wasted produce. She's happy to gobble up all of our scraps! 

Two sweet potatoes was plenty for us. Penny is still in that really small portions more often stage so she only had a few bites and a snack before bed. My favorite part of using the Veggetti is the time it shaves off of a typical pasta night. Call me impatient, but sometimes it feels like we're waiting forever for noodles to cook. Veggie noodles cook al dente, and you need only boil them for about 3-4 minutes! All in all total veggie noodle prep time was about fifteen minutes. 

Cauliflower "Alfredo" Sauce
1 package frozen cauliflower 
2 cups unsweetened organic almond milk
1 spoonful organic minced garlic 
salt, pepper, parsley, oregano to taste

I didn't feel right globing my typical Alfredo favorite on top of this healthy dish. Let's face it, not only is pasta the problem, but Alfredo sauce is the problem. I found a few inspiring recipes on Pinterest as far as the basic back bone of what I needed to make an Alfredo-less "Alfredo sauce". 
Everything is to taste, I apologize for my lack of measuring. 

Using  a nice fresh head of cauliflower would be ideal. However it's in the negatives here and the imported options look a little on the sad side. If frozen veggies are ok in Jamie Oliver 's eyes, they are ok for me. 


After steaming the cauliflower for 5 minutes, I combined it, along with 2 cups unsweetened organic almond milk into the food processor. From there, I poured it into a small pot and combined all my seasonings. These were adjusted to fit my personal taste buds and Joshua had to add a bit more to satisfy his tastes. At a lower simmer, I let all ingredients mix and warm for an additional 5 minutes. 

Try as I may, I can't seem to part with my beloved cheese. I figured with all the vitamin C, fiber, and magnesium perks going on, I deserved a sprinkle. My only hiccup in this particular meal was the sauce. Though delicious, it was on the clumpy side whereas I wanted something a little smoother. I thought adding more almond milk would dilute the flavor. Any suggestions? Leave them below!  

Have you ever heard of the Veggetti?
Have you ever made Veggie Pasta?
What's your favorite Vegetable?! 

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