Spring Fever

March 27, 2015

The fantastic Ohio weather we've had this week has kept me indoors and shivering. I really loathe taking indoor outfit photos so this week is being skipped. Quality over quantity right? I'm really over rushing anything that has to do with my blog. I do this for fun yes, but I want it to represent my lifestyle in a way that truly shows who I am. That person is sick of attempting to edit indoor photos that have no hope.

As I type to you, it's snowing outside. Yes, snowing. Oh and it's back down into the thirties. Isn't Spring the best? As awkward as it is thinking about Spring wear, I wanted to share with you a few things on my Spring radar.

At the end of sandal season last year, I made a promise to treat myself to a new bunch this Spring. This meant getting rid of every pair I owned, and trust me it was time.

1.  I snagged these rose gold metallic sandals last week when Forever 21 had Free Shipping on anything day. I don't order much on line from them. Their clothes either fit me really well, or not at all. But I've never been dissatisfied with any shoe purchase.

2.  I haven't purchased these yet, but they've been hanging out in my cart on Target.com for quite some time now. These will replace an old (4 years, which gives you a hint about quality) Mossimo pair.

3.  I'm lusting over skirts like this. Paired with a white tank, or even a sleeveless button down. Oh, and this one's on SALE!

4. I purchased this today via Amazon. Though I'm terrified to get it. Amazon freaks me out, even though I've never personally had a bad experience. There's horror stories though... fingers crossed!

pardon nasty ankle bracelet, it's a superstitious thing, has to break on it's own 

I've been lovely these socks from Target lately. They are super comfortable and come in adorable prints. Here are the pair I wore today.

horrible phone selfie

In case you were a tad bit curious what I wore on this casual Friday, a sweater a jeans were the pairings. I love this neon J.Crew sweater I thrifted a while back. Paired with my polka dot Merona jeans, I was one comfy gal at work today. Love my hair? My bangs are getting so long they have started to have a mind of their own. Like the Justin Bieber flip they've gone with today? 

Penny is going to the circus tonight with her Nana and Grandpa. <3
Joshua and I are having a date night, with my mom. Mexican & Insurgent! 
What are your weekend plans? 
What are you craving for Spring?

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