Saturday Snapshots

March 16, 2015

Typically my weekend revolves in snapping as many photos as my memory card will allow. It's nice because I can come to work on Monday and review all my great memories. However this past weekend, I was slacking. I really need to be that awkward tourist with their camera constantly hanging around their neck.

Saturday was busy. After an oil change, and some Target therapy, we headed down to my parent's house before meeting more family for dinner to celebrate my aunt's 40th birthday!

Ohio is known for it's Amish country. There's a ton of great Amish cooking restaurants around here but the Amish Door, in Wilmot Ohio, is our favorite.

Like mother, like daughter

Before dinner we walked around a few great shops. Penelope seemed to enjoy herself when we stumbled upon the toy section. How cute is this little Melissa & Doug shopping cart?

Her Uncle Bill found a cool truck to show her. 

I am in love with this photo of my dad. What was projected to be a rainy day, ended up being pretty nice. The air was still a bit cool for my liking, but beautiful none the less. 

Even in the early Spring there's a day for a cute Frozen shirt. I believe this one is from Target? It was a birthday gift. I just love the tulle on the shoulders. Yea, her bow is totally the wrong color, but it was as close as we could get. You wouldn't believe how many people still ask if she's a boy! 

After dinner Joshua and I returned home to meet his sister. She baby sat for a few hours while we headed to a Scotch Doubles bowling fundraiser. It was the first night we'd been out, just the two of us, since September. We had a blast, won prizes, but I totally understand why we don't do this often. I was ready for bed by 11:30. 

ps. It's still a bit early to tell, but I may be an Aunt today! I can't wait for Penny to meet her baby cousin! 

What did you do this past week?
Is it Spring yet? 

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