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March 30, 2015

Today I'd like to share with you my personal skin regime that's worked wonders on my post pregnancy skin. When I first gave birth, my skin took a step backwards and I was suddenly dealing with pubescent-like breakouts. Clearly going through it once was enough and all I could think of was why me?! There's nothing cute about a twenty four year old with cystic acne.

Finding out what worked for my skin after baby took some time. There are so many changes you can see going on that sometimes we forget about the changes to our hormones as well. And mine were out of whack! With a lot of research, and paying attention to product labels, I was able to gain somewhat control of the issue.

Pond's Dry Skin Lotion - This is an absolute essential in my skin regime, but the name may throw you off a bit. Personally I suffer from a very oily T-zone with dry spots on my chin, and under my nose. Its tough to categorize. Instead of applying this like a typical face lotion, I actually press it into my skin, concentrating on my dry spots, like you would a primer. It really works for me and works with my primer for long lasting results.

Simple Moisturizing Face wash  - Simple skin care products never let me down. When it comes to gentle ingredients with powerful results, I know I can count on their products. The moisturizing face wash combines just the right about of hydration for my dry patches, without making me super oily. Within the last year, they became paraben and sulfate free!

Sea Breeze Astringent  - Or in this case, the generic brand. In my last shopping trip they were out of the classic Sea Breeze brand, so I settled for the next best thing. I've used Sea breeze for over ten years, these are EXACTLY the same. In addition to my face, I suffer from blemishes across my back, neck, and even chest areas. This stuff is powerful and targeting problem areas and zapping them fast! Plus it works excellent as a facial toner. I attached a standard sized sprayer to mine to better reach my back and shoulders.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub  - Another one of my classic favorites turned paraben and sulfate free but still maintaining the same great results I've always known and loved. I've been using this also about ten years twice a week for smoothing out my skin and buffing away dead skin cells.

Ology Gently Soothing Facial Towelettes  - Depending on the week, I'm reaching for these or the Simple brand version, to remove my makeup. Both are fragrance free and gentle on my skin, without being overly drying. I love them both, it really just depends on if I've stopped at Walgreen's where Ology brand products are sold.

What are your go to skin care products?
Have you stayed true to classics? Or discovered new products? 
What's your skin type? 

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