Keep Calm, Drink Coffee

March 09, 2015

If you're living in the US, chances are you woke up this morning mad at the world. Time change is a brutal thing, especially this lose an hour nonsense. I know I know, we will all adjust. In time I'll praise the long evenings and ability to take Penny to the park after work, but that first Monday is always a killer. 

Let me start out by telling you that I have been up since 3 AM, and if this post is sloppy I apologize. Clearly I wasn't the only one feeling the time change effects. Miss Penny decided 1, 2, and 3 AM were great times to wake up last night. This is unusual, she's an excellent sleeper. After that third attempt to rock her, play music, etc I simply gave up. We laid on the couch together and watch Sophia the First. I wedged her into the corner of our sectional and tried to sneak a few extra winks, but couldn't ignore the little hands tickling my cheeks. 

Parenting has it's rough spots. At times it can be extremely hard not to become overwhelmed or frustrated when things are going less than ideal. Feeling like you are about to explode is a totally normal feeling, but it's how you control those feelings that defines you as a parent. 

My advice? Keep Calm, Drink Coffee

Sounds like a piece of cake right? (Insert sarcasm here). No one said being a parent was easy. Trust me, I have my opinions about some folks that call themselves "parents." It's hard work, dedication, and all about how you react to certain situations. 

Sleep becomes something you care less about. Especially when they're crying at 2 AM and you stumble into their room only to find them smiling jumping up and down because you are just who they wanted. I've come to consider it a compliment now. I mean, clearly she missed me so much she couldn't even sleep through the night with out seeing me. (; 

Today there will be lots of coffee. Lots of bathroom breaks, and lots of yawning. This isn't the first day and certainly won't be the last. Every day is a chance to learn something from her. Every moment even. In the wee hours of the morning those little fingers brushing my cheeks taught me you can smile over an otherwise frustrating situation. She was tired, I was tired, but when I opened my eyes and looked at her she smiled back, thumb in her mouth and all. I knew regardless of how much sleep I had, or didn't have, today was going to be a good one. 

anyone else feeling like this today?

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