A Dad needs a Daughter

March 02, 2015

When I look back at my own childhood, my blessings were far too great to count. I grew up surrounded by the most loving family and friends a girl could ask for. Anything was everything to me, and maybe I didn't appreciate it back then, but today I'm thankful.

At a very young age I realized I had the youngest parents in school, but didn't really understand it past that. I did however know my parents were together, happy and going strong. 

I looked up to my mom, as most young girls do. She was shy, but friendly, and a bit misunderstood to those who never took the time to get to know her. It never bothered her much, to this day she remains true to herself. It taught me it's ok to be your own spirit. A daughter needs a mom. 

My dad was always around. He was always there to make me laugh with his latest version of a popular pop song. I swear he'd give Weird Al a run for his money. It's another thing I didn't learn to truly appreciate until I was older. I had a dad who was there, who wanted to be there, and who despite marrying at a very young age, was head over heels for my mom. There are so many great dads out there single dads and married alike.  A daughter needs a dad. 

There are so many children that grow up with one parent absent. In most cases, their father. If you are one who was affected by this, whether it was by pure absence or loss, my heart goes out to you. Without my dad and mom, I wouldn't be the woman I am today. 

We had a slow start to our Saturday. The kind where you don't have any obligations until the early evening, which makes the entire day somehow feel a bit longer. As I laid on the couch, messing with the settings on my camera, I captured the above photo. I instantly knew I didn't only capture a photo, I captured a moment. A moment some little girls will never experience. 

From the moment that nurse placed tiny Penelope into Joshua's arms, I knew he would be a great dad. Instead he turned into something extraordinary. Whether it's reading Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, for the fifteenth time, or fixing her very first pony tail (above), he's there and he wants to be. 

As much as a daughter needs a dad, there's something even bigger taking place. The day she was welcomed into this world he realized she'd look up to him for the rest of his life. He'd be her first love, and an example of how a man should behave. Beginning that February morning, she needed him in her life as much as she in his. With every relationship there come lessons. She was brought into this world to make both of us better people, better parents, and better for each other. As much as a daughter needs a dad, a dad needs a daughter, to understand, accept, and cherish the women in his life. 

Do you have a special relationship with your dad?
How important is family to you?

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