Valentine's Dinner Date at Danny Boys

February 17, 2015

When I think back to a year ago, more than a lot has changed. For instance, last Valentine's Day we didn't make reservations. Sort of a bad idea, but I was nine months pregnant, it was on a Friday, and I had no idea if I'd even want to go out. Well, we did, after being turned down by two restaurants, we finally settled with Bravo Italian Bistro.

We arrived at Bravo back on that 2014 Valentine's night, there was standing room only and an hour wait. Literally the only place left in town was a pub down the road full of scantily clad waitresses with daddy issues.  Though that pub has some pretty rocking appetizers, It didn't shout Valentine's Day, so we decided to just stick out the Bravo wait. Since my very pregnant self wasn't about to stand, Joshua and I waddled, well I waddled, over to the bar. We then spent the remainder of our wait time with me balancing on one of those high bar stools. Oh and I forgot to mention how freaked out the bar tender was. No really, "how far along are you?" "You're how many weeks?" He went on a few times all the while staring at my stomach waiting for the alien to pop out. Secretly I wished my water would've broken on that bar stool. He would've been scarred for life.

This year there were no long waits, no freaked out bar tenders. Instead of "table for two," we were "two and a high chair." Instead of going as boyfriend and girlfriend, we went as engaged, as a family. We decided to pass on the fancy-shamcy restaurants and go to the place we had our very first date, way back in 2011.

Danny Boys is an Italian restaurant themed around the late, great Frank Sinatra. The atmosphere is relaxed, comfortable, and family friendly. An Ohio based eatery, the original Danny Boys is located in Rocky River, Ohio. Today, there are five locations across North East, Ohio.

The menu is huge and would accommodate anyone's taste buds. For starters, we ordered their fresh baked bread with a side of marinara. A friend of mine used to work at Danny Boys and he said the bread, and the food is made to order. No frozen-thawed Olive Garden bread here.

I apologize for the crappy photo. Danny Boys has nothing but yellow mood lighting. Not very blogger friendly. Penny kept busy while we waited on our food by waving at anyone who would look at her.

We ordered two small pizzas to share. Pictured above is the Downtown Mac and Cheese pasta pie. Do I really need to explain? It's mac and cheese, it's pizza, what is better than that?

A new feature I thought was pretty cool to their already amazing menu, an entire two pages dedicated to gluten free and lighter options. Most restaurants have lighter options, but it's usually a section with five things you really aren't feeling. Two pages, yeah, I'd say that's a bit more appealing.

Did you stay in on Valentine's Day or go out?
Where did you go to eat?

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