Twenty Things...Take Two

February 02, 2015

Here we are again, another month into the new year, and another Monday under our belts. In twenty days I will have a one year old. You could say February will be an emotional month for me.

We had many plans last weekend that were crushed due to the super storm of the North East and one super sick Penelope. It's just a head cold, but like her father, she doesn't seem to be taking well to the act of being sick. Thankfully Joshua is off today which means daddy-daughter cuddles all day.

After the fantastic feedback I received on my first Twenty Things  post, I decided to share twenty more things you don't know about me, today. I love reading your comments and getting to know you more! Please feel free to share a little something about yourself.

1. i love every and all things elephants

2. i have 4 tattoos

3. i love soft blankets
a love that my munchkin shares 

4. i do not tan
i physically cant

5. cheese is everything; some of my favorites here, here, & here

6. i cannot go without painting my nails

7. meryl streep is my role model

8. i have an interesting taste in music

9. i'm extremely emotional  

10. i've always believed there's a good side to everyone 

11. my favorite tv show is the walking dead 

please enjoy this lovely, scanned senior photo

12. in high school, i was a majorette, i also twirled competitively all around Ohio

13. Mexican food is my favorite <3

14. i'd put sriracha on anything 

15. i have 6 piercings, all in my ears
 i only wear earrings in three of them

cute little glass made personalized by my best friend and bride-to-be, Abigail

16. pink moscato is my favorite adult beverage 

17.lilies and orchids, are a my favorite flowers  

18. i will never come to terms with the fact that Chuck Bass is a fictional character 

19. i'm a youtube watching junkie 

20. i live in my big fuzzy robe

What's something I, or other readers don't know about you? 

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