Hello Spring

February 26, 2015

Unless you're blessed living in places like Arizona, California, or perhaps you are one of my Australian friends, then you are most likely freezing your butt off. For the majority of us, this winter thing is getting real old real quick. Raise your hand if there's a glacier next to your car.

A few weeks ago we wasted time visited Target. We were getting low on diapers and I like keeping a nice stock pile on hand. Of course the $20 diaper trip quickly turned into a $100+ Target spree. Really? I swear there are wizards tossing items into my cart. Or maybe ninjas? Yeah, ninjas are much sneakier. How many times do you go to Target because you ran out of milk and leave with twenty things? There's some sort of magic at work there.

The first trap is that dang almost dollar section. I'm always like "wow look at this cute little mini chalk board that I could put on my cat's litter box." Usually I'm really good at talking myself down. Clearly my practical skills kick in when I realize my cats don't even know how to spell.

I did however snag three little items with super cute decor potential. With what seems like Spring so far into the future, I knew I needed this little reminder every time I walked in the door. Almost like my "you can do it, just one more day." Hm, perhaps I should buy one that says Eat more salad?

For just $3 I'd say I've acquired a pretty cute, new piece of Spring decor. Sure I may be jumping the gun a bit putting it on display while the current temperature is -10. I also snagged this little rubber stamp with the first letter of my soon-to-be last name on it for $1.

Also for $1, I picked up a 2-pack of these gorgeous burlap flowers. Did I need them? No. Are they cute? Yes. I have more crafty plans in store for them. For now they can just make my bananas look cute.

That pretty much sums up one pointlessly long Target trip.
 What have you purchased in the home decor department lately? 
Are you ready for Spring? 
Does that Target dollar section get you every time? 

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