Thrifty Thursday: Deck the Hauls

January 08, 2015

Here's one long over due post, but better late than never right? Every six months my favorite trifecta of resale shops has this huge 40% off everything and 70% off clearance sale. Sounds amazing right? I had been before and was determined to hit up all three stores this time.

Daddy stayed home with the baby while my friend Kayla and I braved the children's store at 9 am. We were one of the first ones there, but that didn't last long. Before long moms were going nuts I even had a lady practically take something out of my hand when she heard me say I didn't like it. I was manic but none the less, entertaining.

Baby Haul

Confused about the baby boy clothes? No, we aren't expecting again. Joshua is going to be an uncle in March. I couldn't resist buying him a few things.

4 baby boy onesies (2 new with tags)                                       1 baby boy sleeper
1 baby boy zip up fleece                                                           1 baby boy flannel
4 dresses                                                                                   1 pair of baby girl overalls
2 baby girl coats                                                                      4 baby girl tops
1 baby girl cardigan                                                                  Total: $37

Brands: Baby Gap, Carter's, Oshkosh, Circo, Jumping Bean

I'm a firm believer in never having too many baby clothes. I cant even tell you how many times she wears something one time because some mystery stain appears after the first wash. When she grows out of things, I donate some, but keep most of it. Who knows, someday I'll have another.

For Joshua

Joshua is pretty easy to shop for, so I snagged him a few things at excellent deals! Did I mention I love resale? 

Total: $12

Brands: DKNY, Gap, Zara, Old Navy 

For Myself

I didn't do a lot of shopping for myself. It was far too crowded and I felt a bit rushed at times. But I did treat myself to this adorable new bag.

Betsey Johnson Bag $11

Happy Thrifting! 
Did you snag any end of the year deals? 

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  1. I can't believe you got all those baby clothes for only $37...what a steal! And that handbag is adorable! Great haul Kiki!

    Clothes & Quotes

    1. Right?! I'm so excited for her to wear that mint dress this summer.

  2. great grabs!!! Love the purse

    check out my newest post

  3. Thats amazing!!! All those clothes for your baby are so cute! And your bag is so nice! Well done!

  4. I love that bag!! Great buy and so affordable!

    1. Right! Cant beat deals like that! (:

  5. Love all these fabulous finds!

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  6. Wow, impressed with your finds! Love the new header BTW!

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

  7. That is such a cute little bag! A very good treat for yourself after scoring those awesome bargains! :)

    I find second hand baby clothes the best - as they are so tiny they grow out of them so quickly anyway! I used to try make sure I could get a photo of baby T in every little outfit he had - but that was so difficult to do in the early newborn stages they are so messy, so many outfit changes! A little easier to do now that he is bigger - as long as I do it before he's started his breakfast cereal haha!

    Away From The Blue
    2015 Wardrobe Inventory Linkup

    1. Right?! I am constantly packing up Penny's clothes. I've got about 4 storage boxes so far. I figure if my sister or cousins have a baby I can help them out or even if I have another. Lots of her newborn stuff looks brand new since she only wore it but one time. (:

  8. You are just SO good at being thrifty! Love the Betsy Johnson bag. Happy Friday, Kiki:)

    Heidi D.

  9. I just love hauls, so pretty things!
    and that bag is just makes me drool over it, I became obsessed with bows recently)))


    1. I'm so obsessed with bows. (: Thank you.

  10. Fabulous finds doll! happy weekend <3
    Kisses from Miami,

    1. Thank you Borka! Have a great weekend too. (:

  11. Wow you got some great finds at amazing prices!! That bow purse is so cute!! I love to thrift but have to dedicate time for it, ugh work!

    1. It is a lot of work, but it's so much fun. haha. It's become more of a hobby now. (:

  12. Omg, everything is so cute!! I'm glad you got something for yourself - and such an adorable bag no less! :)

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  13. This looks like you got quite the great lot! I love all of P's new items! I was a bit confused by the boy clothes, so thank you for clarifying the uncle-ness, haha! Will you be keeping the superman clothing for her? I know it's more "boy" than "girl", but it's just TOO CUTE. Also, I love the bag!!

    MUCH Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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