Fashion Friday: Thanksgiving Outfits

December 05, 2014

As previously stated we went to four Thanksgiving dinners over the course of two days. With so much food going into our bellies we knew we wanted to stay comfy when it came to our outfit choices.

I swear this sweater is light grey. When I took the above photos I was standing in front of a huge window with a blue tint to it. The lighting gets all frazzled.  

Top: American Eagle. Jeans: Hollister Socks: Boot Socks (Walmart).
 Boots: Yuu
Earrings: Target. Bracelet: thrifted bangle

When I purchased this, I was drawn to the doily designs at the bottom. It felt really shabby-chic and girly. It was the perfect "Turkey eating shirt" on Thanksgiving, but also works as a great casual Friday option. Today I decided to wear this outfit to work and swamped out dark jeans (that I actually wore on Thanksgiving) for my lighter wash ones.

We were so excited when we found this dress! The pink prints mixed with the warm brown tones give it such a nice Thanksgiving feel. She was a little under the weather last week. Most of her turkey day consisted of snoozing and drooling all over my shirt. 

We layered it with a pink cardigan (not pictured), light pink tights, and these emergency socks. I had purchased these super cute white ballet flats for her to wear on Thanksgiving. Of course come the day they magically didn't fit. 

Since we were together for the holidays I thought I'd include Joshua today. He loves dressing nice and really only gets to on the weekends. Personally I love his style and think he cleans up pretty nice. 

They are clones.... 

Button down: JC Penney. Sweater: American Eagle. Jeans: 7 For All Mankind.

Daddy, daughter tickle fights. 

End of the night family photo, and the only photo of me from Thanksgiving day. Can you spot the baby drool on my shirt? By this time, we were sooo ready for bed.

What did you wear on Thanksgiving? 
Does eating make you sleepy?
Do you love boot socks? 

Have a fantastic weekend! 
Smile at someone today!

xo kiki

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  1. You look gorgeous Kiki! I'm jealous of the amount of volume you have in your hair! And of course Penelope looks adorable! Hope you all have a great weekend!

    Clothes & Quotes

    1. Thank you Shannon! You as well. Seriously all I do is do tight curls then comb them out. (;

  2. perfect outfits.. a beautiful and sweet family

  3. These are such sweet pictures!! Also, I must add, your hair looks INCREDIBLE!

    - Deniz

  4. Oh my Kiki, this is so cute. Love your outfit, and little cutie pie, she is so adorable.

  5. First off, your daughter is soooooo adorable!! God Bless!:-) BTW, I love these ear studs, so trendy! Love the lilac sweater! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  6. Love to read this great blog. Amazing!!!


  7. I heart the lavender sweater so much!
    Xox from Miami,

  8. Hi Kiki
    I have just read your comment.
    Thanks so much for your words. Were a wonderful surprise.
    Thanks for being in my life
    Maggie D.
    Fashion Blog - Maggie Dallospedale fashion diary

  9. Aww you are an adorable family, what a cute photo! :)

    I like your top too - I thought it was two pieces layered together at first! Really nice :)

    Away From The Blue

    1. Thank you Mica. So many people ask if it's two shirts. (;

  10. you can buy those earrings at target? dang i made mine! this would have been so much easier. hmph!

    1. Hey but handmade is always better. (;

  11. You look great! Love the family picture!

  12. Love this top and the lace detailing! :)
    xo Erin


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