Thrifty Thursday: Weekend Goodies

October 02, 2014

As promised here are my thrifty finds of the week(end). Remember last week when I said I was going shopping on Saturday?  I had a grand old time assisting my best friend in finding her perfect engagement shoot outfit, as well as picking up a few things for myself.

We started at our local Goodwill, where I was greeted by a friendly face and Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. We've been friends for 15 years and I cant imagine my life without her. I'm so excited to be apart of her special day here in a few months. (:

Here are the goods.

(From Left to Right)
Charter Club Floral Cardigan, $4
Sag Harbor Sweater, $4
(Darker in person) No Boundaries skinnies, $3
Talbots Teal Cardigan, $4
Christian Dior Sweater, $5
Black Merona Blazer, $2.50

The find out of this trip that I was so pleased with was the Christian Dior sweater I snagged in the men's section. After doing a little research I discovered this Monsieur collection would have been in production anywhere between the 60's and 90's. Then it became the Homme collection, which is what it is still known as today. Sadly this Monsieur collection isn't by any means rare. If you do a quick Google search you can find a billion of them for like $20-$50. But Dior is still Dior and Vintage Dior at $5 is a fabulous find in my book.

Later that day I hit up Once Upon a Child. Penny needed some pants as she's out growing all of her 6 month ones. I also picked up a few tops. (:

I have been having a blast shopping for fall and winter for Penny. It's like the older she gets, the cuter the clothes are. I'm really loving the Aztec inspired detailing on the neckline of the gray Carter's top. She actually has this same top in an orange onesie version.
The rainbow top is Jumping Bean and I was ecstatic that it still had the original tags on it! Jumping Bean is a brand sold at Kohls, which is easily one of the best brand of baby clothes in terms of quality. Everything is so colorful and continues to be colorful wash after wash. I've yet to be disappointed with anything from Jumping Bean.
All others pictured above are Carter's.

Happy Thrifting Everyone!
xo kiki

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  1. Excellent finds!


  2. Thanks. (: I'm excited about these.


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