Thrifty Thursday: Baby Room on a Budget

October 23, 2014

Babies are truly the biggest blessing we can receive. They're also one of the most expensive, which can cause all sorts of jitters if you suddenly find out you are expecting at a less than perfect time. Most of this we have done 100% by ourselves. With the obvious exception of a baby shower and someone buying an outfit here and there. The both of us are very stubborn when it comes to our pride, and are willing to do whatever it takes to make our lives better.

In today's post I'd like to share with you what a very carefully budgeted baby room looks like. Keep in mind we are currently living the apartment life and not everything is exactly how I'd want it to be. But for the time being this is what's working for us. I hope you enjoy this peek into our lifestyle. (:

When you first walk into to her room you are met by an antique rocking chair. This rocker is so special to my family and has been around for decades. On the bottom, you can find a list, which includes myself and Penny, of all the babies who were rocked in it. The cushion was a gift from a lady I work with who is amazing at sewing. She constructed this without any measurements and surprised me weeks before I was due. 
The "P" on the wall above is made from canvas and buttons. My best friend made it for me as a baby shower gift. D.I.Y decorations are a great way to decorate and save money! 

Penny's crib is the Graco Lauren 4 in 1  crib. Convertible crib options are a great way to save yourself some money down the road. This crib is great quality and only cost us about $160 (on sale at the time, retail price $179.99). There are so many great quality cribs for reasonable prices. 
This quilt was also made by the woman I work with. It's one of four one-of-a-kind pieces in Penny's room. I love all things Pottery Barn  and lusted over the neutral Taylor bedding. I'd say she did a pretty amazing job replicating the Taylor Quilt. I couldn't be happier and I saved so much money this way! If you are expecting, find someone who can sew and make friends with them. 

Penny's sheets are gray and white elephants which I purchased from Target. At just $10 a pop, they almost mirror image the expensive ones I saw on the Pottery Barn web site and helped me achieve the over all neutral, classic look I wanted. 

One of the best places to look for furniture when you are on a budget is liquidation and factory outlet stores. I knew having a changing table and a dresser would be over kill so I opted for this option instead. Not only does it save a ton of room, it makes getting dressed a lot easier. This 6 drawer dresser was $199.99 and a local liquidation warehouse.
I keep her diapers in this little basket we purchased from a dollar store. It has a matching quilted design with polka dot bow accents just like the crib quilt and rocking chair cover. I also re-purposed an old pink vase to hold a few lotions and creams.
There's a random pink blanket on the changing pad. That's not usually there, I was too lazy to put it away.

Lastly is my favorite little spot in Penny's room. If your'e not familiar with ClosetMaid storage and organization cubes you've got to try them out! Not only are they ridiculously easily to assemble, they are sturdy and look more expensive than they actually are. I've purchased countless items from this brand for years and have yet to be disappointed. I knew the 9 cube organizer would work perfectly as a book shelf. It was $35 from Target, the two fabric drawers were $8.99 a piece. 

Here you can see the last of our custom creations. It serves as a runner on top of her book shelf. The pink and white chevron picture frame was made by a friend and I made the fake orchid decoration forever ago. 
Never forget to check out Babies R' Us Clearance section. They keep tons of wall decor back there at fabulous prices! The letters and pink elephant decor are both clearance finds! 
(Yes the photo frame picture on the right doesn't have photos in it). 

After a long hard day of playing, P was squeaky clean and ready for bed. Thank you for taking a gander at our budget friendly baby room! (: 

xo kiki

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  1. I love the big giraffe in your nursery! Absolutely adorable, as is your little!

    Stylin' Iowan Blog

  2. Aww what a wonderful baby room!! That big giraffe is amazing!


  3. I Want a baby room like that!!

  4. Kiki I LOVE this!!! I'm nowhere near motherhood yet but I'm definitely saving your tips for when we start thinking about having kids. That giraffe is so adorable! I'm pretty sure when I go baby shopping I'll just melt in the pile of cuteness.

    <3 Daisy

  5. Love these tips and that giraffe is amazing! Too cute!

    Heidi D.

    1. haha thank you Heidi. A lot of people keep commenting on the giraffe. Honestly, this was Joshua's. Friends of his purchased it for him years ago as a gag gift.

  6. This room is so sweet and cute! I love the elephants and the colors! Perfect room for a baby!


    1. Thanks Mel. I really wanted a lot of white and gray with subtle pops of pink here and there. (:

  7. The baby is so cute!
    great post dear XD

  8. Aww this looks adorable! I love the color palette of white, gray, and pink!

  9. This baby room is so cute!! Great job with the decor :)

    1. Thank you. I had loads of help from the one, the only, Pinterest. (;


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