Tasty Tuesday: Game Day Grub

September 30, 2014

So I'm not going to lie and pretend like we watch football. Honestly I'd rather scratch my eyes out. I simply titled this because if you do like watching grown men lunge at each other in spandex then this would be a perfect little throw together meal.

The best thing about this meal is that there are no cooking skills required. Everything is 100% lazified in it's store bought packaging. If you can mix things together and make a box of mac and cheese you're golden. If you cant.... well.... there are no words.

Game Day Grub
1 bag frozen french fries
1 package hotdogs, sausages (your preference)
1 box blue box mac and cheese
1 can of bean-less chili
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

First off I took a package of chili cheese flavored smoked sausages and sliced em up nice. If you dont like sausage you can use hot dogs and get the same results.

Next I made a box of mac and cheese and mixed in my sliced up sausages. While all of this craziness was going on, there was a cookie sheet of french fries in the oven on 350 for about fifteen minutes.

Are you with me so far? Should I slow down? 

Take a deep breath because here's where it get's tricky. My phone died and I have no photo to show you how I mixed the can of bean-less chili in with the french fries. If you aren't sure how to accomplish this step there's probably a YouTube video somewhere. 

Once I had the french fries and chili mixed to my liking, I added my mac and cheese, sausage mix. All of that then went into a square, metal baking pan. With the last touch of some sprinkled shredded cheddar cheese it was ready for more oven time. 

Fifteen minutes later we had this bubbly, gooey, cheesy casserole we both enjoyed. As well as the mass amounts of left overs it made! If I were to guess this probably feeds 4-5 people comfortably. 

Put on your stretchy pants and enjoy some football. Or in my case, kick back and watch some Netflix. 

xo kiki

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  1. looks so yummy!


    1. It was. I love me some easy comfort food. (: Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Looks so tasty! Have to try!



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