Mommy Monday: Grown ups for a night

September 15, 2014

Ready for a night out. (: 

Sometimes I honestly forget that when we first met, we went out ALL THE TIME! That's how our relationship essentially started, in the bars of Canton. (Shakes head in shame). Since the addition of baby P we haven't really been "fun."
We think we're fun. Most Friday nights consist of wine, monopoly, and playing old school video games. But our friends think we've become hermits. Which I guess is true, but seriously we are the ONLY parents in our circle of friends, so you can see how that gets a little frustrating.

Saturday we were invited to celebrate the college graduation of a close friend. Immediately I tried to compile a list of excuses to why we couldn't attend. Soon after I realized how incredibly ridiculous that was. I'm not sure if a part of me feels guilty leaving P for a few hours or what, but I knew this was something I couldn't ditch.

Finding a sitter will never be an issue as long as we live in Ohio. P has 6 Grandparents and 5 Great Grandparents. Don't even get me started on Aunt's and Uncle's.

Long story short, we went, and had a blast. We annoyingly talked about P the entire 4 hours we were there, but honestly I don't think anyone minded. It was really nice catching up with our old friends.

The lovely college grad, Kali

 A little mommy and daddy time is just what we needed. (: 

We were home by 10:30, which is "early" compared to most 24 year-olds out at the bar. I managed to sneak a little cuddling in before I put her to bed.

Going to the bar is fun and all, but seriously I wouldn't trade it for being a mom. Give me poopy diapers and slobber any day! (:

xo kiki 

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