Mommy Monday: Five Baby must haves

September 29, 2014

Everyone is different, and that phrase most defiantly applies to babies. People can give you enough advice your head can explode, but if there's one thing I've learned from mommy hood it's that life is a trial and error process. From diapers, to wipes, to food they like, it all starts with baby steps. You have to connect with them and read their facial expressions to understand them.

Penelope and I have a very good connection. I've mastered distinguishing her cries. Whether or not it's a diaper cry, a hungry cry, or sleepy cry. To me they all sound different, I really think that's a bond a mother and child share.

At seven months old we've begun teething; she has one so far on the bottom. We've also began to become attached to certain toys over others, and discover new things. By now we've figured out what soap we like best and have conquered our first cold. Here are 5 amazing things I couldn't live without.

When it comes to soothing nothing works better than a soft blanket. It's amazing how just handing her a soft blanket instantly changes her mood. She's also really into tags. When I was younger I loved rubbing tags in between my fingers. This blanket was made for P by a lady I work with, but you can find "tag blankets" at any store. Here's  a great, affordable option. (Mine pictured above).

In a recent post I mentioned this bubble bath as a life saver for my sick, cranky baby. It smells wonderful is safe for baby and you can buy it at Target.

(Idiot-proof temperature reading).

Two other bath time favorites of mine, are the BabyGanics shampoo and body wash and this awesome little octopus bath tub thermometer. I take scalding hot showers and I'm pretty much immune to what "hot" water actually is. So this little guy definitely comes in handy. The foamy body wash is my favorite when it comes to bath time. It says fragrance free, but it still leaves her with that lovely "baby smell."

Since the arrival of her first tooth, I've been keeping my eye out for great little teethers. I found this one at Walmart and she absolutely loves it. It's light and sounds like a rattle but has rubbery edges for chewing. When she bites down hard enough on the pink part it vibrates. This is made by Orajel.

What are 5 baby things you can't live without? 
xo kiki

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