Thrifty Thursday: Saving Money on vacation

July 31, 2014

When we first made plans to go on this trip (last year) I was a little nervous about the cost. I knew we'd have a 4 or 5 month old and that money would be tight. About three weeks ago I began doing what I do best and started researching attractions, restaurants, and my favorite, COUPONS!

Joshua and I live to eat. There is no denying that, and hey, I'm not ashamed. I just love checking out new restaurants and getting the best deals. However it's no secret that eating out for week straight can be oh so pricey $$$. However we are living proof that you can go out, have fun, eat great food, and still pay your bills.

Lets dive into my little book of secrets. Shall we?
The first step is to look up restaurants near where you are staying. We stayed in Garden City, which is South of Myrtle, close to Broadway at the Beach. But we also took a day to enjoy Barefoot Landing which was about 35 minutes away (totally worth it).
Google Reviews are awesome when it comes to looking up eating joints. If something didn't have an 80% or higher review I didn't even bother. Not worth the time or money if people take time out of their day to right negative reviews. Am I right?
A huge money saver on our part is to avoid buffets at all cost. Some of those places (for decent seafood) run about $35 bucks a person not including your drinks! As a wise woman once said... "Aint nobody got time for that!"

The second step is to check out all the amazing coupons Myrtle Beach has to offer! Many of these can be found online, but once you get down there, head to a grocery store or gas station and pick up the FREE booklets!

Here are a few sites that I found the best deals on:

Once you're at Myrtle look for the Monster book of coupons, and Myrtle beach bucks coupon book. These are fantastic! We used them all week long!
These books aren't just for dining either. We found great deals on mini golf, shopping, and even attractions like the Ripley's Aquarium!

The last step to having a fantastic and affordable vacation is to only eat out for one meal a day. BI-LO grocery store in the south has excellent prices! Buy some milk and cereal and some stuff to make sandwiches and just enjoy the sun and sand all day. Once 4 o'clock rolls around start to get ready for a night out.

These steps made us save sooooo much money! We also enjoyed every meal we had. Making our overall stay a great one!

Here are a list of affordable restaurants in the Myrtle area. Many of these we ate at, others we really wanted to but didn't get the chance. If anyone wants to add to the list leave it in the comments!

We were definatly skeptical about this place when we were first seated. It was dinner rush and we walked right in. Without knowing anything about the place I was out of my comfort zone. The prices were great and the food was really good. Plus their house BBQ sauce at the table was unreal!
We didn't make it to this place, but the reviews are awesome, prices are great!
This is always a favorite of ours. So cheap and a fantastic atmosphere. You'll dance while you dine.
This was a night that Joshua and I had a date night at River City Café. So we didn't attend this dinner with everyone else. I have however eaten there on previous Myrtle vacations. It's delicious! The buffet is the way to go. About $11 before 5 and $12 after. Fresh pastas and chicken. 

Sam's Corner Famous Hot dogs Garden City
This place sadly doesn't have a website, but if you stay in Garden City check them out for a quick lunch. I got this burger on our first night there because we were too tired to go to an actual restaurant. It was so good and only $8 for a burger and fries!
Vacation shouldn't make you cry. So if you don't really have $100+ bucks to drop at Captain George's Seafood buffet, don't. You will have an excellent time sticking to cheaper, more family friendly restaurants if you do a little googling first. (;

 (Photo taken at the Alligator Adventure, Barefoot Landing)
xoxo kiki 

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