Tasty Tuesday: Vacation Dining on a BUDGET!

July 29, 2014

This week I thought I'd do a little something different than my typical Tasty Tuesday posts. Be ready for an extremely long post about food. I'm going to talk about the top three places we ate at. Obviously I cant include every restaurant, so the top three is what I stuck with.

The best part about all these places is that we never spent above $35! That's two of us, including appetizers and drinks! Look for my ultimate guide to saving money at Myrtle Beach in this weeks Thrifty Thursday post!

First up is a little joint called Bubba's Fish Shack

I love sitting on patios, especially at the beach! This was our view. It wasn't quite ocean front, but it was just across the street. Luckily the wind wasn't horrible so we stayed 100% dry on the patio.

I seriously love that she can sit in a height chair now. It makes eating out so much easier on us.

Joshua ordered catfish and hushpuppies and I ordered this shrimp po boy sandwich. We also ordered grouper fingers, which were similar to chicken fingers only grouper, as an appetizer. Our bill only came to $23 before a tip! Now that's what I call a good vacation dinner. Some of the places down here cost $35 per person!!! No way Jose! I defiantly suggest this restaurant to anyone who likes deep fried food. They have a huge selection not limited to seafood!

Next is a place called River City Café- Surfside Beach

Joshua and I decided to go here just the 3 of us. We called it our "date night" at the beach. This restaurant is located in Surfside right across the street from Bubba's Fish shack. The only thing it has on Bubba's is that it actually sits on the beach. Hello beautiful view of the ocean!

This was the view from our table. We sat on the first floor because it was immediately available. Though I think next time I'd wait a little and eat on the top floor so I could see the ocean a bit more. Regardless, our view was incredible.

Penny really enjoyed herself here. There was a nice breeze and the table was just at the right height so she could put her toys on the table. I never understand why some places make the height chairs so much lower than the table?

Holy-freaking-cow! This was called the Fried Mac and Cheese burger. Yes, that little fried patty at the top is a giant mac and cheese bite. It was so delicious and filling! Not to mention near impossible to bite into, but hey, that's the fun of it right?

Last on my list is Fuddruckers

Now if you live somewhere (I believe more in the South) this might not be that exciting to you. However when I was little Ohio had one. It was seriously our favorite burger place ever! Plus the prices made my parents happy. To this day we don't know why it didn't stay. It was ALWAYS busy and thriving. I guess it will remain a mystery.
With it being such a great part of my childhood, this place was an obvious stop whenever we go to Myrtle. There are two locations one in South Myrtle and one near North Myrtle.

We decided to go on Tuesday for my birthday, and all 18 of us went! We were a bit nervous when we got there because they were packed. I waited in line while Joshua and my brother tried to find a table to seat all 18 of us. To our surprise, one of the employees walked up to Joshua and offered to help him push tables together. That right there shocked me! With as busy as it was that was amazing that he did that for us. Oh southern hospitality...

If you've never been to a Fuddruckers here's a quick overview. They have burgers on the menu that come with cheese, various toppings, etc. But the cheapest and most satisfying way to order is to just order a completely plain hamburger. The reason being is they have a separate toppings bar! This way you can load up on whatever you want free of charge!
I ordered the 1/2 lb. hamburger with fries and added pico de gallo, lettuce, jalapenos, and cheese sauce. Oh yea, my fries wanted some love as well. (;

For dessert, a birthday ice cream sundae. Joshua had to help me, that burger was killer! 

And of course he wiped whipped cream all over my face. Photo courtesy of my father.

Myrtle is such a fun place to visit and there are awesome restaurants around every corner. There were so many other places I wanted to try but the vacation just wasn't long enough. My best advice is to plan ahead, research places to eat before you go so that way you don't waste any of that precious vacation time. It's all worth it in the end!

What are some of your favorite Myrtle Beach area restaurants? And thanks for sticking through this long post!

xoxo kiki  

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