Mommy Monday, on a Tuesday

May 27, 2014

Since I do the majority of my blog from my work computer, this post is a day late. Oops.
I hope everyone had a safe and fabulous Memorial day weekend! Ours was jam packed, that's for sure. For my Mommy Monday post, since this is a day dedicated to "momisms" and family stuff I'd like to share some photos from our lovely weekend.

My weekend in pictures!
Saturday we went to the Zoo!

Penny and my dad.

Dad and brother.

And went to one of our favorite places for dinner, Dog Daze!

Sunday we hung out with family, and went to Josh's family's lake house.

Joshua and his brother. 

Penny and my cousin, Hannah.

Monday, more cookouts and more family time! (Also some lizard love)

This is Toothless, he's a savannah monitor and one of the sweetest boys I know. Reptiles are so misunderstood. I can seriously carry this guy around like a baby.

There was my weekend in pictures. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend like I did!

xoxo kiki

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