Where have I been?! + my labor story

April 08, 2014

Well, the simple answer to that is: having a baby of course!! Now that my maternity leave is over it's back to work for this mama. It seriously went so much faster than I ever expected. Like, where on earth did the month of March go?
Anyways, now that I'm back to blogging, I thought I'd share my labor story with my readers.

February 21st 2014, I woke up around 6 A.M. to get ready for work. When I went to the bathroom I noticed I was losing my mucus plug (TMI for some of you reading, but hey this is a labor story). Around 7:30 A.M. I began having lower back pains. The became more noticeable on the drive to work. I was aware that I was most likely in labor, but since the contractions were manageable and about 20 minutes apart I went about my day. Part of the reason I stayed so calm was that I had a doctor appointment scheduled for that day anyway. Once we got to the doctor's office I began to have extreme discomfort. The contractions were closer and more painful. After being checked out they confirmed what I already knew. I was in labor, and had been all morning.
Joshua and I went back to our apartment and to most of our family's surprise, cleaned, showered, made dinner. Heck, I knew I wasn't going to have the baby any time soon. My water hadn't even broken. After killing some time at home, we went and walked around Target in attempt to break my water. My contractions began to be too painful to walk so we decided to make our way to the hospital.
To my surprise, I remained very calm. We were emitted right away at about 7 P.M. My contractions became extremely painful at about 9 P.M. and I opted for the epidural. Which I found completely painless, though I had heard otherwise. Once the medicine began to kick in both my legs went numb and I was pain free. Besides Josh we were joined by two friends, my parents, my sister, and his mother. Everything was going pretty smoothly until about 3 A.M. I began to be able to feel my right leg, yet the left remained completely numb. I knew that wasn't normal. Right after that I began to feel my catheter which brought tears to my eyes. Something about it wasn't right. Josh knew by the look on my face I was in pain. He kicked everyone out of the room and they took my catheter out to give me a new one. The previous one had slipped causing pain. At that time my left leg was still numb but the right seemed unaffected by the epidural. I could still feel the new catheter  and it was causing me extreme discomfort. Following that pain I began to have horrible lower back contractions. I had them for about an hour before my nurse got me up to push. I felt everything after that, every push, every contraction, and being stitched up after. After 11 hours of being in the hospital I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. When they placed her on my chest it took my breath away. I have never been so emotional and speechless at the same time. The only words I could come up with were "oh my God." I said it over and over again. She was 6 lbs. 15 oz. of pure joy. The feeling I had when they placed her in my arms was indescribable. I loved her the second I saw her. I am so blessed to have this precious little girl in my life. I look forward to my life as a new mommy, learning as I go and making mistakes. I knew my little family will be so strong. I have an excellent partner in all of this.

Family- where life begins, and love never ends.

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