The truth about pregnancy cravings

April 07, 2014

One of the top questions people ask me almost on an everyday basis is, "What are your pregnancy cravings?" Perhaps it's my obsessive personality that had me a member of every "baby" site known to man and monkey the moment I found out I was pregnant that led me to believe these "cravings" are not real. Yes I said it, I do NOT believe in pregnancy cravings.
Growing up I remember my aunt having to be wheeled around in a wheel chair her last few months of pregnancy because she gained a horrendous 80 lbs. during her pregnancy! I am happy to report that she has two very beautiful healthy daughters and took control of the situation and lost all of it and then some. She's now roughly in the 130's and looks fantastic! Other people aren't so lucky. Her problem was "the baby" wanted donuts, "the baby" wanted a milkshake. When we are pregnant we tend to feel like we are having an out-of-body experience. You don't feel like yourself and tend to get carried away with the fact that you no longer have to "suck it in." At this point in a woman's life being big is cute. I believe this leads some women to over indulge on the perks of pregnancy.
I've never had a "pregnancy craving." I've never woken Josh up in the middle of the night for a Taco Bell run or made a detour on the way home from work to snag some cookies. For the most part I eat exactly the same as I did before I was pregnant. At my first OB appointment my doctor told me she'd like to see me gain 30-35 lbs. throughout my entire pregnancy. Believe me they know what they are talking about! She's most likely going to be dead on! I have a week and two days until my due date and I've gained 30. I believe I achieved this by staying smart and not allowing myself to get caught up in the ice cream and pickles fan fare. 
I'm also NOT saying you should starve yourself and your baby. My OB said there's a recommended extra 500 calories a day on top of the 1500 I should be consuming as part of my height, weight, and age bracket. That wouldn't be the case for every single person who has a baby. Height, pre-pregnancy weight, and age are all very important factors when it comes to weight gain and overall health during pregnancy. You should always ask your OB or nurse practitioner questions. Even if you think they are "dumb questions." This is your body and your spawn! No question is a dumb question. Listen, learn, and do some research! Your peace of mind will thank you in the long run.  

My (pretty much) everyday meal menu
Breakfast: Special K Fruit and Yogurt Cereal with Almond Milk
Two slices whole wheat toast with PB.
Lunch: Whatever the heck I want. Lunch is when your metabolism is at it's peak. This should be a big meal. I usually will take leftovers to work with me. When I don't I usually opt for a vegetarian sandwich from Jimmy Johns with no cucumber and no mayo on the wheat bread.
Snacks: I allow myself a morning snack and an afternoon snack. These are usually a baby bel cheese, a yogurt, or a granola bar.
Dinner: We're chicken people. Most of the meals involve the use of chicken. We rarely eat red meat. Literally less than once a week. I'm not very fond of it, unless we have burgers or some sort of ground beef. I try to eat a smaller dinner portion with some sort of a veggie and a HUGE glass of water.
This is my usual meal plan, it works for me. Maybe it'll work for you? (:  

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