Whoa Baby: Top 10 reasons to love having a bun in the oven!

December 03, 2013

Let's face it, not all of us have flawless pregnancies. I have been extremely fortunate to have an easy one. There's a few bumps in the road of course, but I don't let them bother me. When I think of what some women go through during pregnancy compared to my smooth ride, I cant help but appreciate the entire experience even more. So here are my top ten perks of my pregnancy, or pretty much any pregnancy.

10. You get to wear loose clothing.
Or clothing that's a little tight and not have to worry about the infamous "sucking it in," pose. Regardless, I have learned to love my pregnancy fashion options.  
9. Your nails become daggers.
 I haven't noticed the change in my hair, because it's always grown really fast. However my nails seem to get almost painfully long before I even realize it. I'm a secretary, I type all day long with my nails. They don't budge. Paint those suckers and enjoy it.
Your man wont like it, but mine is a god send!
7. Change your Do.
Lots of expecting mothers go through this "I need to cut my hair phase." I can honestly say pregnancy has given me the confidence to do it. I was always terrified of parting with my long locks, but after I did so, I realized how much better I looked.
6. Thanksgiving Dinner
In recent events of the holidays I got to appreciate the simple joy of having a food baby, and not being embarrassed about it. I was never a fan of the "bloat," Thanksgiving dinner left me with in the past years. It seems like right when you are finished eating your weight in turkey, mashed potatoes, and pies, someone wants to take photos of you. This year I actually got to enjoy the food and not mind the "food baby" feeling that followed. Yay for baby bumps!

5. Never Alone
Talking to yourself becomes socially acceptable, because in reality I'm talking to my baby.

4. Baby Registry
Because window shopping was never this much fun before.

3. Concerned Citizens
This can be a perk and a nightmare. It's nice to have people asking you how you're feeling and caring about how you slept the night before. Or having people you work with scrape and salt the parking lot just a little bit better than they would normally because they are worried about you falling. Sometimes it's annoying, but for the most part, it's nice to be cared about.

2. Fat? No! Fantastic!
There has never been a more beautiful reason to be "over weight." I rarely even step on a scale unless I'm at a Dr. appointment. Weight can come off, I mean I'm 23 for heavens sake. My body is in no way shape or form "ruined." It's going to look a little curvier and fuller than before, but so what. The gift of life is worth it. (: Proudly weigh 173 at 27 weeks pregnant.

I mean what's cooler than that?! Honestly, I'm so excited/ nervous/ unprepared to start motherhood, but that's the best part. The unknown is the best thrill ride.

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